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Artistic Wedding Photojournalism

The Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association is a group of international wedding photojournalists, who capture unscripted wedding moments as they happen, and excel in the art of post-production image processing. Find Out More...

AG|WPJA Q3 2015 Contest Results


Current Photo:
7th Place: Getting Ready
Todo Hu, China

7th Place: Getting Ready by Todo Hu, China

Current Photo:
12th Place: Reception
Francesco Gravina, Italy

12th Place: Reception by Francesco Gravina, Italy

Current Photo:
13th Place: Ring Details
Ron Storer, United States

13th Place: Ring Details by Ron Storer, United States

Current Photo:
15th Place: Fluid
Matteo Originale, Italy

15th Place: Fluid by Matteo Originale, Italy

Current Photo:
5th Place: Lens Flare / Refraction
Vincenzo Aluia, Italy

5th Place: Lens Flare / Refraction by Vincenzo Aluia, Italy

The Q3 Contest showcases the wedding photojournalism of AG|WPJA members for 2015, and rewards their artistic abilities in enhancing those photographs through post production processes. The AG|WPJA wishes to extend our congratulations to all our members who had award-winning entries in this contest.

2014 AG|WPJA Photographer of the Year
Emin Kuliyev, New York

The AG|WPJA congratulates Emin Kuliyev with the POY title for 2014. Read more here.

2014 AG|WPJA Photographer of the Year - First Runner Up
Daniele Vertelli, Italy

The AG|WPJA is proud to announce Daniele Vertelli with the First Runner Up title 2014.

2014 AG|WPJA Photographer of the Year - Second Runner Up
Luigi Rota, Italy

The AG|WPJA congratulates Luigi Rota with the title of Second Runner Up for 2014.

We’ve all flipped through well-worn wedding albums of parents, aunts and uncles, and even grandparents, chuckling at dated hairstyles, handlebar mustaches, peach taffeta bridesmaids dresses, and powder blue tuxes. Wedding photojournalists might contend that these photos wouldn’t seem so out of style (hideous wedding gowns and bad male perms aside) if more emphasis had been placed on the un-styled, un-planned moments of the wedding day, rather than the prescribed agenda of highly organized groups of people staring at the camera. On the contrary, naysayers insist wedding photojournalism is merely a trendy, passing fad that disrespects the venerable traditions of the classic posed shot. They point out that tradition, and true photographic quality, is often sacrificed "art."...

Destination weddings offer stunning scenery and exotic atmosphere, providing the conditions needed to enhance those fabulous memories. However, since these types of weddings are often at resort locations in foreign countries, they’re subject to the unusual and the unexpected, creating logistical and scheduling factors that can affect your entire agenda, including the photography. A few of our most traveled award-winners have weighed in with their own experiences and advice for ensuring a smooth and wonderful event.

With the number of wedding photojournalists perpetually on the rise, confusion over what they will and won’t do seems to be increasing at a parallel rate. The article aims to bust the most common wedding photojournalism misconceptions and stereotypes circulating in the marketplace.

Do you want to help assure that your wedding photography comes off without a hitch, producing the ultimate in captured moments from your photographer? Do you want the highest level of photographic quality for your money? How about a wedding day remembered as one with maximum joy and smooth logistics?

A little advanced communication and planning with your photographer can go a long way in this regard, smoothing the way for everyone involved—from the wedding party and guests, to the creative pros assisting with the festivities. We’ve asked a few of our top WPJA award winners to weigh in with their own hard-earned advice for enabling optimal wedding day photography.