AG|WPJA The Artistic Guild of the WPJA

Elton Mogg


Elton Mogg is no longer a member of the AG|WPJA and so their Member Profile cannot be accessed at this time.

The Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association proudly recognizes the accomplishments and creative excellence of Elton Mogg. The following awards have been earned by Elton from the AG|WPJA. These achievements come with great merit considering the high level of competition that a member faces in the contests.

2016 Q4 2nd Place - Reception
5th Place - Reception
10th Place - Weather
13th Place - Weather
18th Place - Getting Ready
Q1 12th Place - Getting Ready
2015 Q4 1st Place - Getting Ready
6th Place - Ceremony
9th Place - Touch
11th Place - Touch
16th Place - Reception
Q3 15th Place - Ceremony
Q2 8th Place - Emotion
13th Place - Cake Details
2014 Q4 11th Place - Kids (Being Kids)
Q3 2nd Place - Portrait of the Bridal Party
Q1 9th Place - Getting Ready
2013 Q4 6th Place - Reception
Q3 18th Place - Portrait of Bride AND Groom Alone
Q2 20th Place - Getting Ready
20th Place - Reception
Q1 11th Place - Getting Ready
14th Place - Reception
2012 Q3 3rd Place - Reception Ambiance
Q2 2nd Place - Getting Ready
6th Place - Reception
13th Place - Flower Details
Q1 2nd Place - Getting Ready
19th Place - Getting Ready
2010 Q3 13th Place - Kids (Being Kids)
2009 Q4 12th Place - Details (Found)
Q3 9th Place - Sense of Place / Architecture
2008 Q2 16th Place - Ceremony