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Lukas Cerny



I graduated from high school in printing and graphic design, since the school I worked in journalism or magazines. Graphics in general I enjoy, I deal with it today as an external graphics creative officer for various publishers of magazines and newspapers. In high school I enjoyed working with photos and their adjustment still using film techniques.

In 15 years, I came to photography by his father, who taught me at the outset to traditional film. The beginnings of photography I used as a news photographer for various newspapers or for cities, municipalities and institutions. In 2008 I acquire its first digital SLR camera. In 2009, I filled a little dream and started working as a graphic designer for a travel magazine, where I have the opportunity to meet with many photographers. Previously, I photographed besides reports also landscape, macro, nature, and most of our National Park Czech Switzerland. Read More...

Photographer Lukas Cerny 
Business Fotograf Lukáš 
Location Decin in Czech Republic
Starting Rates $1000+ (USD) 
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