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Anna Kuperberg, California
Dino Lara, Philippines Emin Kuliyev, New York
Artistic Wedding Photojournalism - Fine Art From Real Moments.


This is a friendly reminder that the deadline for the current AGWPJA Q1 '08 photo contest is fast approaching, with the contest only open for submissions until this Friday night, May 16th at 11:59 p.m. EST.



Starting with the current Q1 '08 contest, all AGWPJA members will receive two free contest credits per quarterly contest! Log in to your account now to use your free credits before the contest ends.



It's not too late to apply for AGWPJA membership and enter the current contest!



We've just added some new and exciting prizes to the current AGWPJA Q1 '08 contest prize line-up:

Sandisk Extreme IV Compact Flash Card Members who place first through fifth will receive a 4GB Sandisk Extreme IV Compact Flash card. In total, 30 of these CF cards will be awarded!
"We've been working with digital capture for over a decade and have always trusted the Extreme compact flash cards from SanDisk. We each carry 80GB's of the Extreme IV cards and have never experienced a card failure, never! What most shooters don't realize is that using the fastest cards out there not only clears your buffer quicker but also gives you blazing downloads."
- Anne Farrar-Stefanchik

Totally Rad Action Mix Logo All first place winning members from each category will also receive a copy of the Totally Rad! Photoshop Action Mix.
From speeding up your workflow, to creating dramatic looks that you canít get anywhere else, the Totally Rad Action Mix has you covered. Give your images a boost with a tried and true set of tools that play well together. Gain unprecedented flexibility over the look of your images, and escape canned looks. Create your own recipe that speaks to your vision as a photographer.

"When a client chooses a JVS Signature Print, a one of kind masterpiece, the magic starts. "I literally own hundreds of actions and I've written a few of my own over the years, but nothing meshes better with my shooting style like the Totally Rad actions!" - Joseph Victor Stefanchik

BorrowLenses Logo All first place winning members from each category will also receive a $100 gift certificate from BorrowLenses to use toward camera gear and lens rentals.
BorrowLenses is one of the largest online camera gear and lens rental stores in the U.S.

They will work with you on pretty much anything as long it is reasonable. If you need special arrangements, they are there for you! Whether you need to rent a lens for a destination wedding or a camera body for the weekend, they can provide it for you. If you need to reserve a special lens for a wedding, they will save one just for you. Simply place the order and put the date you need it by in the notes section; they will take care of the rest.

BorrowLenses tests and cleans every camera and lens before it is sent to you. You don't need to do anything before you can start using the gear.

"The BorrowLenses rental experience went very smoothly. I needed an extra body for a remote camera project I was working on. Everything arrived clean and in excellent+ condition. The whole process was great and I will definitely be using them again in the future." - David Roberts



We've recently updated rule #11 of the AGWPJA contest rules. Images can no longer be entered into both AGWPJA and WPJA quarterly contests simultaneously:

11. Members may enter images already submitted in previous WPJA contests for the year, as long as the image(s) did not receive any recognition on the WPJA site. Members may not enter the same image into simultaneous AGWPJA and WPJA quarterly contests.



We have recently updated the random image galleries that appear at the top of the AGWPJA homepage. Each new visit to this page (or a browser refresh) will result in three new images with photographer credits/links at the bottom of the page.

Below is a list of all of the members that have been added to these random galleries:

Agnieska Matuszewska, Andrey Mikityuk, Anna Kuperberg, Anne Ruthmann, Bill Wang, Brad Walters, Britney Alves, Britta Trygstad, Carolina Zygmuntowicz, Carolynn Shelby, Chad Franz, Chenin Boutwell, Chi Kuang Hwang, Chris Moseley, Christobal Perez, Cynthia Newmark, Danny Iskandar, Dawn Earles, Dennis Viera, Dino Lara, Eadwine Lay, Edmund Tham, Edoardo Agresti, Elaine Soong, Emin Kuliyev, Eric Kelley, Erik Clausen, Evrim Icoz, Gary Allen, Gary Ventura, Greg Blomberg, Issa Sharp, J R Geoffrion, Jennifer Kloss Heffner, Jeremy Lawson, Jessica Johnston, Joel Maus, Joseph Albright, Joseph Kohn, Joseph Milton, Julia Bailey, Karla Fountain, Kathleen Perez, Kathrin Miller, Katie DiSimone, Kelley Walker Chance, Kellie Kano, Kelvin Koh, Kenneth Paul Soong, Kevin Beasley, Kevin King, Kitty Maer, Kori Hudson, Lina Jang, Marie Labbancz, Mark Adams, Mary Schroeder, Matt Adcock, Matt Grazier, Melia Sorenson, Monika Broz, Nadra Edgerley, Natalie Moser, Nely Fok, Pam Hults, Paul Johnson, Phil Seaton, Priscilla Rathbone, Punam Bean, Quin Cheung, Rene Gaviola, Riccis Valladares, Rob Garland, Romina Rivadeneira, Scott Juarez, Scott Schoeggl, Sol Tamargo, Stephanie Zettl, Stephen Loh, Susan Stripling, Timothy Forbes, Vladimir Chaloupka, William Chua, Windee Winata



(Top Left) Dino Lara, Philippines (Top Right) Anna Kuperberg, California
(Top Middle) Emin Kuliyev, New York