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Dino Lara, Philippines
Bartosz Jastal, Poland Emin Kuliyev, New York
Artistic Wedding Photojournalism - Fine Art From Real Moments.


Congratulations to all Artistic Guild of The Wedding Photojournalist Association contest winning members.


Seth Resnick, D-65
"Having judged several [AG]WPJA contests has really been a benefit for me. I feel I am now better acquainted with the quality of work produced and the associated pros and cons of any contest. There are several things that strike me and I feel that it is important for the photographers who entered the contest to understand some of these feelings. If picking the top twenty images in each category was the only criteria, my job would be much easier but unfortunately that is not the case and in many cases I was torn. The other conditions I must take into account is to determine if the image is in the right category and I must also judge the image based on the PS work done on the image. It is the last criteria that really throws me for a loop. Why? As someone who has worked with Adobe in development since the very early days of Photoshop, I have a broad understanding of how the product works. Today, since most images are shot digitally, virtually all images are adjusted in Photoshop, Lightroom or a similar product. So technically Photoshop automatically plays a part in the process. That said, the concept of "Photoshoping an image" means different things to different folks. This isn't simply a matter of technical merit but also a personal perspective on Photoshop. Understanding my feelings on this may better help you understand why I chose one image over another. This is not simply a matter of right or wrong but there is a lot of subjectivity involved as well. I personally dislike images that use Photoshop to change tone and color as a means of distracting you from the image being out of focus for example. As a photojournalist myself, working for both newspapers and magazines I always felt the image simply had to be sharp. I also personally dislike images that look like Photoshop simply because the contest or assignment requires Photoshop. In my mind Photoshop should enhance an already dramatic image, or in the case of compositing it should help create drama with existing components. I dislike images that look cheesy with an overuse of Photoshop. I also expect basic Photoshop skills like cropping out or cloning out distractions, dust removal, and proper use of curves and adjustments. Ultimately for me, the image must be a striking one and Photoshop should be deployed to make the already great even better.

One additional note. I make Photoshop comments in the majority of images. I am doing this not to be critical but to hopefully be helpful and point out small things that would enhance the images. I chose to do this because Photoshop use is one of the criteria of the contest. Lastly, although it took an incredible amount of time to do, I did make my recommended Photoshop corrections to the images (for myself on my own computer) so I could compare the before and after. The one thing that really stood out in terms of Photoshop work was the lack of detail in many dresses. Understandably, the contrast of a black tux and a white dress produces a wide range of tone but with just a little bit of work most of the dresses could be dramatically improved."


01. Marc Pagani, Louisiana 11. Ron Storer, Washington
02. Dino Lara, Philippines 12. Bryan Kit F., Singapore
03. Derrick Ong, Singapore 13. Jayme Morrison, Canada
04. Matthias Richter, Germany 14. Julie Ambos, Florida
05. Elaine Soong, Canada 15. Joelle Susan, South Carolina
06. Stephen Loh, Singapore 16. Joseph Kohn, California
07. Dean Dampney, Australia 17. Raymond Phang, Singapore
08. Ricky Salim, Indonesia 18. Kori Hudson, Arkansas
09. Sol Tamargo, Mexico 19. Aziz Khan, England
10. Marcin Labedzki, Poland 20. Ryan Browne, England


Getting Ready

Entries which spontaneously capture the prepping, grooming, arranging, outfitting, and anticipation before the ceremony.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:

01. Matthias Richter, Germany 06. Marc Pagani, Louisiana
02. Marc Pagani, Louisiana 07. Kori Hudson, Arkansas
03. Dean Dampney, Australia 08. Adam Trzcionka, Poland
04. Jayme Morrison, Canada 09. Ryan Jones, California
05. Joelle Susan, South Carolina 10. Alex Tan, Singapore


Images that capture guests and participants throughout pre-ceremony, vow-exchange, and receiving line activity.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:

01. Derrick Ong, Singapore 06. Aziz Khan, England
02. Ricky Salim, Indonesia 07. Julie Ambos, Florida
03. Stephen Loh, Singapore 08. John Schnack, California
04. Dean Dampney, Australia 09. Bryan Kit F., Singapore
05. Julie Ambos, Florida 10. Allister Freeman, England


Photographs that document festivities from the cocktail hour through the last dance and departure.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:

01. Dino Lara, Philippines 06. Ryan Browne, England
02. Marc Pagani, Louisiana 07. Kori Hudson, Arkansas
03. Ron Storer, Washington 08. Dino Lara, Philippines
04. Bryan Kit F., Singapore 09. Dino Lara, Philippines
05. Joseph Kohn, California 10. Katherine Birkbeck, Georgia

Wedding Day or Engagement Portrait

Photographs that demonstrate the photographer's ability to create an artistic environmental portrait of the bride and groom taken either on the wedding day itself or from an engagement portrait session.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:

01. Elaine Soong, Canada 06. Stephen Loh, Singapore
02. Sol Tamargo, Mexico 07. Fer Juaristi, Mexico
03. Marcin Labedzki, Poland 08. Marzena Wasilewska, Aus
04. Stephen Loh, Singapore 09. Derrick Ong, Singapore
05. Raymond Phang, Singapore 10. Marcus Mokros, Switzerland



D-65 Workshops

D-65 is a company dedicated to educating photographers. They work with the industry to offer new ways of thinking, while incorporating the latest technologies. Their services include digital workflow workshops, seminars, bidding and production for still photo shoots, digital workflow analysis for studios and agencies, legal witness on copyright cases, private consulting along with marketing strategies and portfolio reviews. D-65 provides quality professionalism, while understanding the needs of photographers and creative individuals.

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Los Angeles:
Nov 13th - 16th
New Orleans:
Dec 11th - 14th


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(Top Left) Bartosz Jastal, Poland (Top Right) Dino Lara, Philippines
(Top Middle) Emin Kuliyev, New York