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Anna Kuperberg, California
Dino Lara, Philippines Emin Kuliyev, New York
Artistic Wedding Photojournalism - Fine Art From Real Moments.


Congratulations to all Artistic Guild of The Wedding Photojournalist Association contest winning members.


01. Jeremy Lawson, Missouri 11. Shane Snider, North Carolina 21. KC Wong, Singapore
02. Daniel Chen, Illinois 12. Chenin Boutwell, California 22. Francesco De Tito, Italy
03. Britney Alves, California 13. Oka Morikawa, Finland 23. Fides Fierz-Scheifele, Switzerland
04. Simon Ho, Hong Kong 14. Dino Lara, Philippines 24. Agnieszka Matuszewska, New York
05. David Zaveloff, Pennsylvania 15. Marcin Rusinowski, Poland 25. Otto Schulze, Colorado
06. Bartosz Jastal, Poland 16. Man Liu, Hong Kong 26. Yvonne Wong, Washington
07. Kellie Kano, North Carolina 17. John Hudetz, Colorado 27. Lelia Scarfiotti, Italy
08. Ryan Browne, England 18. Edoardo Agresti, Italy 28. Anna Kuperberg, California
09. Sandra Von Riekhoff, England 19. Elizabeth Sawdon, Australia 29. Chris Humphreys, California
10. Erik Clausen, Texas 20. Emin Kuliyev, New York 30. Kelvin Koh, Singapore


Getting Ready

Category Description:
Entries which spontaneously capture the prepping, grooming, arranging, outfitting, and anticipation before the ceremony.

Judges' Comments:
"Creative and angle driven, this series of images demonstrates the versatility and dynamic range of photographers within the [AG]WPJA. The group stretched their limits with textured overlays combined with great moments."


Category Description:
Images that capture guests and participants throughout pre-ceremony, vow-exchange, and receiving line activity.

Judges' Comments:
"The first place image in the Ceremony category was one of the best photojournalistic images of the year! It truly encompasses what a photographer can do when they slow down, breathe, let their sense of timing take over and capture the moment."


Category Description:
Photographs that document festivities from the cocktail hour through the last dance and departure.

Judges' Comments:
"The Reception category was full of sparkle and flare. It seems like people are starting to craft light in more diverse ways than ever before. The first place image is a great example of this."

Details (Found)

Category Description:
Entries that encompass tighter shots of the day's small slices AS THEY WERE FOUND. This category is NOT for set-up detail shots. It's important that images submitted in this category don't contain content controlled by the photographer.

Judges' Comments:
"Photographers are looking at details in new and interesting ways."

Sense of Place / Architecture

Category Description:
Images that capture the feeling, majesty, and ambiance of the ceremony/reception, and highlight the most appealing aspects of the structures/settings (churches, reception halls, tents, patios, beachfronts, woods, etc.) where the events of the day transpired.

Judges' Comments:
"Sense of Place was one of the most creatively photographed categories. What we mean by this is photographers are really striving to show their clients the venues and locations in unique and different ways. Whether through angle or use of graphics within the frame, each image has a unique and distinct look about it."

Kids (Being Kids)

Category Description:
Entries of found moments depicting babies, children, and youth doing what they do best (kids being kids)!

Judges' Comments:
"Surprisingly the Kids being Kids category, one we thought would be universally easy to enter, had the smallest number of entries. Kids are usually fun and whimsical but this group of entries were a bit more somber and emotion driven."

Engagement Portraits

Category Description:
Photographs that demonstrate the photographer's ability to create an interesting environmental portrait of their clients prior to the wedding day. NOTE: This is the only category where non-wedding day images are allowed.

Judges' Comments:
"The first place winner in the Engagement Portrait category is one of the best portraits we've seen all year. We can't wait to find out who the photographer is so we can study their website for ideas and inspiration."


(Top Left) Dino Lara, Philippines (Top Right) Anna Kuperberg, California
(Top Middle) Emin Kuliyev, New York