AG|WPJA The Artistic Guild of the WPJA

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Artistic Wedding Photojournalism

The Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association is a distinct division within the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA). The AG|WPJA focuses strictly on the artistic and "fine art" aspects of wedding photojournalism.

Over the years, the WPJA has embraced unbridled artistic expression in wedding photojournalism. This has transpired since early 2002 through contest categories, such as Digital Manipulation and Enhanced Images, designed especially for such photographs. The Artistic Guild comes as a response to an expressed need from members, judges, as well as brides and grooms--the desire for the WPJA to create a new platform specifically for Artistic Wedding Photojournalism.

AG|WPJA members are international wedding photojournalists, who excel both in creating outstanding images through a documentary approach, and in the art of post-production processing of wedding photographs. In a nutshell, AG|WPJA photographers take great candid pictures, enhance them using the technology available, and deliver museum-quality images from your wedding day.




Photographer Joe Teng from Singapore, Singapore

Joe Teng, Singapore
Joe is an Associate Master Photographer in the Wedding Photography Category, a testament to his capabilities as a professional photographer.This title is a recognition of Joe’s capabilities and achievements – cementing his status as a noted photographer in the eyes of not only his day to day customers, but in the professional realm as well. Read more

Photographer Jeremy Lawson from Missouri, United States

Jeremy Lawson, Missouri
Ozarks local and award winning photojournalist, Jeremy Lawson is the founding member of Big Smile Photography, one of the most sought after wedding photography studios in southwest Missouri. He was listed by the WPJA as one of the top 5 wedding photojournalist in the world and is consistently listed as one of the top wedding photojournalists in Missouri. Read more