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The AG|WPJA is an international association of wedding photojournalists from countries all around the world. Select your country and state/province to find AG|WPJA Wedding Photographers near you, and view their profiles for more information on their services.





Photographer Marianne Earthy from London, England

Marianne Earthy, England
Marianne has been a member of the AG/WPJA since 2006 - as also her partner Mark. Between them they have won 95 WPJA awards for their documentary style of wedding photography. London based they photograph weddings all over the UK & Europe. Read more

Photographer Alex Abbott from West Yorkshire, England

Alex Abbott, England
I woke up in India on the morning of my 21st birthday, with not much clue about what to do with myself. With the camera that I received from my dad as a present I set out into the belly of the beast that is Delhi having made the decision that I had nothing better to do than to have some fun documenting my travels and recording all of the sights and scenes that evolved around me for the old man to see - over the years he has travelled through my photographs, visiting the places that I have been through the image that is printed on the paper in his hands. Read more

Photographer Erin Grace Porozni from Oregon, United States

Erin Grace Porozni, Oregon
Erin has been passionate about photography since the age of 14, knowing even at a young age that she wanted to eventually start her own photography business. She worked for school publications and newspapers for 6 years and always loved that work, but when she shot her first wedding at age 19, Erin immediately new she had found her calling. Read more

Photographer Edoardo Agresti from Tuscany, Italy

Edoardo Agresti, Italy
Edoardo Agresti specializes in a photojournalistic style, from travel reportage to weddings. His father inspired his photography when he was 10 years old. On average, Agresti and his staff shoot more than 100 weddings per year in Italy and all over the world. Read more