AG|WPJA The Artistic Guild of the WPJA

AG|WPJA Membership Benefits


The far-reaching benefits the Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association AG|WPJA offers its members are as follows:

  1. AG|WPJA members are able to book weddings with their most preferred types of clients. The manner in which the AG|WPJA promotes it's members, attracts prospective couples that appreciate the talent and creativity displayed on the site, and that specifically seek the artistic wedding photojournalism offered. Consequently, members of the AG|WPJA are able to pursue their passion in fine-art wedding photojournalism, hone in their image enhancement skills, while working for the ideal clients of their choice.
  2. Through the AG|WPJA, photographers book more weddings thanks to the affiliation with its parent organization: The Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA). Due to all the positive publicity the WPJA is receiving and due to its notoriety, reputation for high standards, and respect within the wedding industry, the WPJA attracts prospective couples that appreciate, value, and seek the best in wedding photojournalism. Therefore, AG|WPJA members benefit from the existing prestige and influence of the well-established parent organization.
  3. By participating in the FREE AG|WPJA contests, members have numerous opportunities to further demonstrate creative and technical excellence, gain exposure for their work, receive professional recognition, and ultimately to become more marketable in the industry as international award-winning wedding photographers. Additionally, photographers who participate in these member-only competitions receive AG|WPJA site listing rank advancement and a Gold Medallion next to their name. AG|WPJA contests are another great means by which members draw the attention of their prospective customer audience.


Several times a year, AG|WPJA members have a tremendous opportunity to further demonstrate creative and technical excellence. The venue: AG|WPJA Wedding Photography Contests. Through these FREE contests, members receive yet one more tool by which to draw the attention of their preferred clientele. AG|WPJA contests also bring professional recognition within the Wedding Photojournalism industry.

The following contest benefits apply as well:

Obviously, all of the above mentioned benefits translate into higher earning potential for a photographer who is a member of the Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association.


In addition to the above benefits, each AG|WPJA will receive the following tools and services to further promote their work and increase their presence on the AG|WPJA:

  1. An AG|WPJA directory listing in your home area including your location, rates and truncated biography.
  2. A Member's Profile page which will include your full biography, a portrait of yourself, your location details, your additional listings, your rates and packages, a slideshow of all your award winning images from the AG|WPJA contests, a timeline of your contest achievements, a link to your website, and links to your blogs and social networking sites.
  3. Competition in AG|WPJA photo contests.
  4. Opportunity to be listed in 5 other AG|WPJA regional sections for free. Think destination weddings!